Welcome to Enviropro NZ Limited. We specialise in Spill Response products to assist New Zealand Businesses to reduce their impact on the environment.


We are here to help your business be compliant and be prepared.


If you had a spill do you have the right product to soak it up or stop it from going down the closest drain?  


Its your responsiblity to clean it up. Hazardous substances can be fuels, oils, paints or any other chemicals that can harm people or the environment.  Once the contaminant leaves a site, liability starts.  Lets work together to create a plan to protect our environment and your Company.

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Enviropro NZ Limited has been contracted by Frucor Beverages NZ Ltd - Wiri Manufacturing and Distribution sites since May 2012. It has proven to be a valued and reliable part of our supplier network.
— Paul Thompson,
Frucor Beverages NZ Ltd

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