Welcome to Enviropro NZ Limited. We specialise in Spill Response products to assist New Zealand Businesses to reduce their impact on the environment and to be compliant.

We offer a total package which includes a basic 30 minute training session to our customers. This ensures that the products purchased are used in a safe and suitable manner in which they were designed for.


We have revolutionized the way in which absorbent products are sold in New Zealand. We have designed one product to address the majority of situations. This unique product is manufactured in NZ and has 100% NZ content.  ANA-Fibre  The Ultimate environmentally friendly spill solution. Highly absorbant, highly versatile, fast acting. 100 % Water resistant, suppresses vapours and will not leak, it is environmentally friendly and light weight.  It absorbs up to 4 times its dry weight in volume. One kilogram of fibre will absorb 3-5 litres of hydrocarbons.


 We look forward to doing business with you and look forward to addressing your specific Spill Response requirements.

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Enviropro NZ Limited has been contracted by Frucor Beverages NZ Ltd - Wiri Manufacturing and Distribution sites since May 2012. It has proven to be a valued and reliable part of our supplier network.
— Paul Thompson,
Frucor Beverages NZ Ltd

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