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50L Barrel Kit Hazmat Spill Kit
50L Barrel Kit Hazmat Spill Kit

An innovative 50L Hazmat Spill Kit especially designed for trucks and or trailers. Be ready for that unexpected spill while on the road or in the yard.


Kit contains:


10 x 110009 Haz L Pads (15L)
2 x 120007 Absorb-X Socks (18L)
1 x 3kg Ana Fibre (17L)
1 x Neoprene Glove (pair)
1 x Disposal Bag
1 x Set of Instructions

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x Face mask

1 x Safety Gloves

Option 2 - Order Individual Items for Kit
Absorb-X Pads

1.5L per pad. Sold as per pad. Packed in bales of 100.

Absorb-X Sock

A totally NZ made non-toxic, all natural, 100% organic industrial absorbent that is economical, non-abrasive, non-leaching and in its natural state is already biodegraded.

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