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Absorbent Products

EnviroproNZ offers pads, pillows socks, booms, peat, and mineral sponge Perfect for all environments and industries.

Spill Kits

EnviroproNZ makes all our spill kits in-house so we can provide a tailored spill kit specifically for you. From oil/hydro-carbon kits to general purpose/universal kits, chemical kits, and more.

Storage Cabinets

EnviroproNZ has an extensive range of storage cabinets to store your flammables, aerosols, toxic substances and more while keeping your employees and assets safe.

Drain Protection

Drain guards and drain mats should be considered in areas to prevent rubbish, sediment and oil run off.  Keep the environment and the stormwater safe.

First Aid Kits and Eyewash Solutions

First Aid kits are available for 1-25 people and come in either a soft pack or wall-mountable  box.
Eyewash Solutions from pocket to wall stands.

Site Safety & Signage

EnviroproNZ stock a full range of safety signage for all.  We also stock cones, barrier  bars, caution tapeCustom signs can be arranged.

Site Assessments

We analyse your risk potential in order to establish the required level of compliance in terms of products and procedures specific to your facility.

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