About Us

EnviroPro NZ specialise in Spill Response products to assist New Zealand businesses in reducing their environmental footprint and assist them in ensuring they are both compliant and prepared. Hazardous substances can cause significant damage to our environment. These may be fuels, oils, paint or any other chemicals that can inflict environmental harm. Once the contaminant leaves a site, liability starts. This can be very costly both financially and to the surrounding ecosystem, so let’s work together to create a plan to protect our environment and your Company.

Our difference is we are New Zealand’s only spill product supplier who offer a full-service – including but not limited to:

  • Site Assessment
  • Consultation & Advice
  • Full Product Offering
  • Training for Compliance
  • Spill Kit Audits for Compliance
  • Onsite Replenishment Service
  • Ongoing Support

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