Absorbent Pads

Synthetic Polypropylene Pads are a low lint absorbent perfect for manufacturing environments.

There are three types of pads: Oil, Universal and Chemical, these can be purchased in either packs of 10 or Cartons of 100.

Oil / Hydrocarbon

Heavy Weight 400 gsm Oil absorbent pads for absorbing oil and hydrocarbon spills.
Oil Pads are hydrophobic so will repel and float on water whilst absorbing any oil based chemicals off the top.
These are perfect for small and large oil spills in the workshop on construction sites or out in the harbour.

General Purpose / Universal

Heavy Weight 400gsm Universal absorbent pads are great for oil, water based liquids and solvents.
Universal General purpose pads often referred to as a maintenance pad can absorb most light chemicals but should not be used with strong acids, bases or alkalis.

Excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops. These high-performance, all-purpose absorbent pads are dimpled to soak up more liquids in less time. Bonded for strength and high absorbency.


Made from 100% polypropylene to absorb most aggressive or caustic fluids. Sonic bonded “dimples” add strength and fast wicking power to quickly soak up chemicals.

Use on hazardous or unknown liquid spills. Absorbs all liquids including water. For aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and nitric acid. Retains it’s shape even when completely saturated.

These absorbent Chemical pads are a bright yellow colour that is highly visible and indicates caution around spills.

Absorbent Pads on a Roll

Polypropylene pads are also available on a roll and perforated so they can be ripped off as required or rolled out under machinery.

Available in in Oil/ hydrocarbon or Universal/ general purpose

Sizes available

  • Oil – 50cm width x 40m length roll
  • Oil – 90cm width x 40m length roll
  • Universal 90cm width x 40m length roll

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