Absorbent Pillows

Pillows are great for jamming into hard to reach places and are super absorbent. Can also be placed under a leak or used to absorb a small puddle of chemical substance

Oil / Hydrocarbon – Organic

Organic peat filled pillows for absorbing oil based spills.
Super absorbent pillow that will mould to the shape of the surface, perfect for oil, petrol and diesel spills on a construction site or workshop.
Place under leaking drums or tanks or under machinery to contain any drips.

Oil / Hydrocarbon – Synthetic

Our white, oil only absorbent pillows quickly soak up oil.
Polypropylene filled and available in two sizes. These synthetic pillows are the better option for use in a manufacturing environment.

Uses: Use on land and water when you have oil to soak up. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Oil Pillows are hydrophobic so repels water. Floats on water. Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, petrol, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils.

Universal / General Purpose

Universal absorbent pillows are filled with super absorbent polypropylene to soak up spills fast.

Available in two sizes.

Uses: This general purpose absorbent pillow can be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc.


Our yellow chemical absorbent pillows are filled with super absorbent polypropylene. Great for use in tight spaces.

Available in two sizes.

Uses: Use on hazardous or unknown liquid spills. Absorbs all liquids including water. For aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and nitric acid.

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