Absorbent Peat

HIGHLY ABSORBENT – Absorbs up to 4 times its dry weight in volume. One kilogram of fibre will absorb 3-5 litres of hydrocarbons.

HIGHLY VERSATILE -Non- leaching and self regenerating in it’s natural state. an environmentally friendly oil and chemical absorbent. Cleans oil and petroleum based spills. Powerful wicking action, which encapsulates oils, solvents,heavy metals, pesticides. herbicides and all other organic chemicals on contact. effects differ from substance to substance and thickness.

SUPPRESSES VAPOURS and absorbs hydrocarbons in dry and wet conditions.

100 % Water RESISTANT Effective on land or water especially around shorelines. Filters industrial wastes, untreated effluents, algae and mining.

Available in:

  • 10L
  • 16.5L
  • 50L
  • 100L

Mineral Sponge

Mineral Sponge is not only able to physically absorb chemical spill it can also chemically absorb it. This is because positive cations bond onto the the negative sites contained within the structure of the zeolite. Being a light weight clay Mineral Sponge is easy to handle but not too light that it can’t be used in windy or draughty conditions unlike other absorbents on the market that are only suited to indoor applications. Mineral Sponge absorbs almost all liquids; acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals and petroleum products.

Spill Fix 50L

  • Industrial absorbent made from 100% renewable Coir peat.
  • Absorbs spills immediately and completely.
  • Provides safe and non hazardous work site.
  • No carcinogens or dust.
  • No down time for workers.
  • Landfill and incinerator safe.
  • Requires less product.
  • No floor or equipment damage.
  • Suitable for hazardous spills including: oils, fuels, lubricants, paints and most chemicals and mild corrosives.
  • 50L bag absorbs up to 26L of spilled material.

Spill-Sorb 28L

  • Organic General Purpose particulate made from recycled cellulose
  • The product structure draws liquids inside the fibres
  • This capillary action increases the speed and ease of clean-up
  • Absorbed liquids remain trapped – preventing leaking and leaching in landfills
  • Excellent performance on rough surfaces like asphalt / concrete

Soda Ash

Soda Ash can be used for neutralising acid spills.

Body Fluid Powder

A fast acting, natural absorbent for cleaning up spills of body fluids such as blood, vomit, faeces and urine. 

Makes those unpleasant jobs that much easier to tackle by eliminating odours, absorbing and coagulating the spill.

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