Absorbent Socks and Booms

Enviropro carry a full range of containment socks, filtration socks and floating Oil booms in a range of lengths and absorbency capacity. We cater to the needs of all industries including but not limited to Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Marine. If you don’t see what you are after please feel free to reach out to us as we may have your solution.

Oil Sock – Organic

An organic sphagnum peat moss filled absorbent sock, can absorb up to 4 times its weight in oil and hydrocarbon. Perfect for construction sites and in the workshop

Available in 2 lengths 1.2m and 2.4m

Oil Sock – Synthetic Polypropylene

Our synthetic polypropylene Oil Absorbent Socks repel water and only absorb oil based fluids (hydrocarbons). They will not sink in water even if saturated with oil. These Oil Absorbent Socks are available in three lengths (1.2 metre, 2.4 metre and 3 metres).

General Purpose – Universal

These general purpose Absorbent socks absorb both oil and water based liquids.
Great for logistics and manufacturing applications

Available in two sizes 1.2m and 2.4m length by 7cm diameter


These hazmat chemical absorbent socks are soft and flexible enough to fit in tight confined spaces and absorb up to 10 times their weight in aggressive or unknown fluids.

Chemical spill absorbent socks absorb oil, water based liquids, acids, bases and many other fluids. Available in 1.2 metre, 2.4 metre and 3 metre lengths.
Highly visible yellow
Absorbs acids including high concentration of sulfuric acid (98%) and sodium hydroxide (30%)
Perfect for quickly setting up a containment area
Polypropylene skin is tear and chemical resistant

Floating Oil Boom (Marine)

Floating Oil Booms clip together to form a perimeter around a boat or Oil spill on water. They are 3 metres in length and slightly overlap when clipped together.

  • 12.5cm x 3 metres (Up to 32L)
  • 20cm x 3 metres (Up to 72L)

Ultra -Sediment Boom (Empty)

  • Sediment Booms can be filled with gravel, sand or other aggregate.
  • Made from tough UV resistant polymer material so it lasts and can even be driven over.
  • Use for erosion control, basic stormwater protection and more.
  • Simply close using cable ties.
  • Two lengths available: Dimensions: 1200mm x 280mm or 2400mm x 280mm

Ultra Filter Sock – 3 Metre

3m long filter sock to put around stormwater catch pits. Allows water to pass through while stopping sediment.

  • Woven polymer casing allows water to pass through quickly while filtration media inside removes pollutants.
  • Sock is filled with bark.
  • Looped ends allow units to be staked in place and also assist in transport.

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