Absorbent Products

Absorbent Pads

Synthetic polypropylene pads are a low lint absorbent, perfect for manufacturing environments.  There are three types of pads:

  • Oil/Hydrocarbon
  • Universal/General Purpose
  • Chemical
- oil / hydrocarbon

Oil absorbent pads for absorbing oil and hydrocarbon spills.

Oil Pads are hydrophobic so will repel and float on water whilst absorbing any oil based chemicals off the top.

These are low lint so can be used in a manufacturing environment.


Heavy Weight 400gsm absorbent pads are great for oil, water based liquids and solvents.

Universal/General purpose pads often referred to as a maintenance pad can absorb most light chemicals but should not be used with strong acids, bases or alkalis.

Excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops. These high-performance, all-purpose absorbent pads are dimpled to soak up more liquids in less time. Bonded for strength and high absorbency.

- chemical
Made from 100% polypropylene to absorb most aggressive or caustic fluids. Sonic bonded “dimples” add strength and fast wicking power to quickly soak up chemicals.

Use on hazardous or unknown liquid spills. Absorbs all liquids including water. For aggressive fluids such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and nitric acid. Retains it’s shape even when completely saturated.

These absorbent Chemical pads are a bright yellow colour that is highly visible and indicates caution around spills.

- pads on a roll

Polypropylene pads are perforated so they can be ripped off as required or rolled out under machinery. Available in Oil/ Hydrocarbon or Universal/ General purpose.

Sizes available

  • Oil – 50cm width x 40m length roll
  • Oil – 90cm width x 40m length roll
  • Universal – 90cm width x 40m length roll
Absorbent Pillows
Pillows are great for jamming into hard to reach places and are super absorbent. Can also be placed under a leak or used to absorb a small puddle of chemical substance.  There are four types of pillows:

  • Organic Oil/Hydrocarbon
  • Synthetic General Purpose
  • Universal / General Purpose
  • Chemical
- Organic oil / hydrocarbon

Organic peat filled pillows for absorbing oil based spills. Great absorbent for oil, petrol and diesel spills.

Place under leaking drums or tanks to contain any drips.  Available in two sizes.

- synthetic oil / hydrocarbon

Our white, oil only absorbent pillows quickly soak up oil. Polypropylene filled and available in two sizes.

Use on land and water when you have oil to soak up. Absorbs hydrocarbons only. Oil pillows are hydrophobic so repels water. Floats on water.

Absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, petrol, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils.

- universal / general purpose

Universal absorbent pillows are filled with super absorbent polypropylene to soak up spills fast.
Pillows are great for jamming into hard to reach places and are super absorbent. Can also be placed under a leak or used to absorb a small puddle of chemicals.

This general purpose absorbent pillow can be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, etc.

- chemical

Chemical absorbent pillows can be safely used on almost any chemical including aggressive caustics and alkalis. Use on larger puddles, under leaking drums or equipment or jam in hard to reach places for clean up and contain a spill.

Absorbent Socks & Booms

EnviroproNZ carry a full range of containment socks, filtration socks and floating oil booms in a range of lengths and absorbency capacity. We cater to the needs of all industries including but not limited to Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Marine. If you don’t see what you are after, please feel free to reach out to us as we may have your solution. 

  • Organic Oil Sock
  • Synthetic Polypropylene Oil Sock
  • General Purpose / Universal
  • Chemical
  • Floating Oil Boom (Marine)
  • Ultra – Sediment Boom (Empty)
  • Ultra Filter Sock 
- Organic Oil Sock
Organic sphagnum peat moss socks for containing oil and hydrocarbon spills.
These are a great option for on a construction site. They are also the best option for placing around a drain or drain mat as they are heavier than polypropylene socks so help to form a better seal.

- Synthetic PolypropylEne Oil Sock

Our oil absorbent socks repel water and only absorb oil based fluids (hydrocarbons). They will not sink in water even if saturated with oil. These socks are available in two lengths (1.2 metre, 2.4 metre). They repel water so are great for water applications.  Oil only socks are white in colour so they are easy to see when saturated. Oil absorbent socks can easily be shaped or molded. Provides containment for oil spills.


These Universal/General Purpose absorbent socks absorb both oil and water based liquids and drips. Great for logistics and manufacturing applications. Easy to mold and shape around leaky equipment and machinery.  Universal absorbent socks are for oils, coolants, solvents and water and mild acids and alkilis. These super absorbent socks are available in 1.2 metre and 3 metre lengths.  Absorb leaks and drips around the bases of your machines.

- Chemical

These chemical absorbent socks are soft and flexible enough to fit in tight confined spaces and absorb up to 10 times their weight in aggressive or non-aggressive fluids.

Chemical spill absorbent socks absorb oil, water based liquids, acids, bases and many other fluids.

Available in 1.2 metre and 3 metre lengths.

  • Can be used with aggressive fluids
  • Fit in tight confined spaces
  • Highly visible yellow
  • Absorbs a wide range of bases and unknown liquids
  • Absorbs acids including high concentration of sulfuric acid (98%) and sodium hydroxide (30%)
  • Perfect for quickly setting up a containment area
  • Polypropylene skin is tear and chemical resistant
- Floating Oil Boom (Marine)

Floating Oil Booms clip together to form a perimeter around a boat or oil spill on water. They are 3 metres in length and slightly overlap when clipped together.

  • 12.5cm x 3 metres (Up to 32L)
  • 20cm x 3 metres (Up to 72L)
- Ultra - Sediment Boom (Empty)

Sediment Booms can be filled with gravel, sand or other aggregate.

Made from tough UV resistant polymer material so it lasts and can even be driven over.

Use for erosion control, basic stormwater protection and more.

Simply close using cable ties.  Three lengths available:

  • 1200mm x 280mm
  • 2400mm x 280mm
    3000mm x 280mm

- Ultra Filter Sock - 3 metre

3m long filter sock to put around stormwater catch pits. Allows water to pass through while stopping sediment.

  • Woven polymer casing allows water to pass through quickly while filtration media inside removes pollutants.
  • Sock is filled with bark or pumice sand.
  • Looped ends allow units to be stacked in place and also assist in transport.

Absorbent Particulates

Absorbent particulates are used indoors or outdoors wherever fluids are stored, handled, dispensed and spilled.  Use on land, in the rain or on water. Absorbent particulates cover a large surface area and can be sprinkled onto and around the spill with precision.

Particulates are able to absorb up to 4 times their own weight in volume and have a fast-wicking action to clean up spills quickly, making them ideal for cleaning up oil and fuel spills in wet environments.

- Absorbent Peat

HIGHLY ABSORBENT – Absorbs up to 4 times its dry weight in volume. One kilogram of fibre will absorb 3-5 litres of hydrocarbons.

HIGHLY VERSATILE – Non-leaching and self regenerating in it’s natural state; environmentally friendly oil and chemical absorbent. Cleans oil and petroleum based spills. Powerful wicking action, which encapsulates oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides. herbicides and all other organic chemicals on contact. Effects differ from substance to substance and thickness.

SUPPRESSES VAPOURS and absorbs hydrocarbons in dry and wet conditions.

100% Water RESISTANT effective on land or water especially around shorelines. Filters industrial wastes, untreated effluents, algae and mining.

Sizes available:

  • 10L
  • 16.5L
  • 50L
  • 100L
- mineral sponge

Mineral Sponge is not only able to physically absorb chemical spills, it can also chemically absorb it. This is because positive cations bond onto the the negative sites contained within the structure of the zeolite. Being a light weight clay, Mineral Sponge is easy to handle but not too light that it can’t be used in windy or draughty conditions unlike other absorbents on the market that are only suited to indoor applications. Mineral Sponge absorbs almost all liquids; acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals and petroleum products.

- spill fix 50L
  • Industrial absorbent made from 100% renewable Coir peat.
  • Absorbs spills immediately and completely.
  • Provides safe and non hazardous work site.
  • No carcinogens or dust.
  • No down time for workers.
  • Landfill and incinerator safe.
  • Requires less product.
  • No floor or equipment damage.
  • Suitable for hazardous spills including: oils, fuels, lubricants, paints and most chemicals and mild corrosives.
  • 50L bag absorbs up to 26L of spilled material.
- Spill-Sorb 28L
  • Organic general purpose particulate made from recycled cellulose
  • The product structure draws liquids inside the fibres
  • This capillary action increases the speed and ease of clean-up
  • Absorbed liquids remain trapped – preventing leaking and leaching in landfills
  • Excellent performance on rough surfaces like asphalt / concrete
- Soda Ash
Soda Ash can be used for neutralising acid spills.
- Body Fluid Powder
A fast acting, natural absorbent for cleaning up spills of body fluids such as blood, vomit, faeces and urine.

Makes those unpleasant jobs that much easier to tackle by eliminating odours, absorbing and coagulating the spill.

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