Drain Protection

EnviroproNZ have a full range of drain protection options to ensure nothing enters the Stormwater system from your site.

Drain guards should be considered in high traffic areas to prevent rubbish, sediment and hydrocarbon run off.

Drain mats are essential to ensure you can isolate a drain in the event of a spill.

We have economy options and heavy weight options.

Available in multiple sizes.

- nitrile Drain Mats

An economical drain protection option is the nitrile drain mat.

Available in two sizes

  • 750 x 1000 x 1.5mm
  • 1000 x 1200 x 3.0mm
- polyurethane Drain Protector

This drain protection is chemical resistant and is made from polyurethane.
Specifically, this drain protector creates a tight seal over storm water drains.
In particular, the flexible jelly like material molds to uneven surfaces.

These drain protectors are a heavy weight solution for protection against most chemicals.

Available in three sizes

  • 600 x600 x 6mm
  • 900 x 900 x 6mm
  • 1200 x 1200 x 10mm

- Drain Protector Storage Case

Keep your drain protection mats clearly visible and protected from the elements.
This UV protected PVC case can be clipped to the wall near your drains so they are easily accessible when required

- drain guard

Protect stormwater drains on your site from pollutants with this drain protection.
Built-in overflow ports prevent flooding during heavy rain.
Simply lift drain grate and insert the drain guard. 
The drain guard can be cut to size, therefore, it fits most drains.  Then replace the grate.
1220mm (L) x 910mm (W) x 460mm (H)

- drain guard plus

This drain protection guard plus is a larger version of the drain guard and measures 1220mm (L) x 910mm (W) x 460mm (H). 
Built in overflow ports prevent flooding during heavy rain.  
Simply lift drain grate and insert drain guard cutting to size, then replace drain grate to hold in place. 


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