PPE – Personal Protective Equipment


PPE – Personal Protective Equipment:

To begin with, our PPE – Personal Protective Equipment is designed to help protect you from physical hazards when on a worksite or just at home.

For example, we stock a good range of PPE items such as but not limited to:

Disposable Coveralls – We offer coveralls with the category 1,2 & 3 certified for minimal, intermediate & high-risk areas.
Type 5 & 6 certified.

  As well as the category 1,2 &3 coveralls,  we also offer coveralls that are certified for asbestos & hazardous

 Disposable Aprons – These can keep you safe and clean.

 Masks – We have masks that are surgical-grade standard single-use.

Further, we have a mask that is P2 rated for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles.  It also has an exhalation ProValve for extra airflow.


 Face Shields – These provide splash protection from fluid-borne pathogens. Shielding the top, side, and front of the face.
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - Face Shield
 Respiratory Protective Equipment – We have kits for use when painting and agricultural/horticultural spraying.
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - Half Mask KitPPE - Personal Protective Equipment - Half MaskPPE - Personal Protective Equipment - 3M Half Mask Twin Pack Filter

 Eye Protection – We have safety glasses and goggles.
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - Safety GlassesPPE - Personal Protective Equipment - 3700 GogglesPPE - Personal Protective Equipment - 4900 Goggles

 Shoe Covers – These are non-woven polypropylene shoe covers simply slip over your shoes to help keep floors clean.
PPE- Personal Protective Equipment - Shoe Covers

Gloves – Firstly, we have gloves from the 27cm length single dip PVC gloves as well as a 45cm length double-dipped gauntlet gloves with sand finish for improved grip.
PPE- Personal Protective Equipment - Red Gloves PPE- Personal Protective Equipment - Gauntlet Gloves

As an option, we have our 33cm length Nitrile glove providing an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength.
PPE- Personal Protective Equipment - Nitrile Gloves

We also offer cut-resistant gloves.
PPE- Personal Protective Equipment - Cut-Resistant Gloves

To summarise, our PPE-Personal Protective Equipment Gear Kits can be assembled from any of our products and are available on request. 

So, contact us today to discuss what you need.

CustomPPE Kits

Product Accessories

In addition to PPE, we have these general product accessories that may well come in handy.

To illustrate, we have fire extinguishers, brush and pan sets, spill kit bin lid covers, plug n dike to name just a few.

So, contact us for specific or specialised items.

spill kit




Brush &

Shovel Set








Bio Waste


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