Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding


To begin with, having a Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding option onsite is good practice.

In fact, they can ensure the integrity of the primary container is maintained in the event of a failure.

Take a look over our options if you have liquids that could cause damage.

For example, in our line of Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding, EnviroproNZ offers the following:


  • IBC –  We have an economical and instant storage solution for a single IBC unit.  We also have the ideal solution for full containment of two IBC tanks side by side.
    We also offer expansion tanks that deploy automatically in the event of a catastrophic leak, funnels that have a built-in snorkel that allows air to vent while pouring, and bucket shelves to capture spills from leaky taps.

    Secondary Containment Secondary Containment 
  • Drum Containment – Also in our line, take a look over our spill pallets, decks, and expansion bladders for one, two, or four drums.  Plus we also have drum trolleys for drum handling, dispensing, and containment all in one. We also have extra expansion bladders.
    Secondary Containment IBC IBC
  • Drive-Over Bunding – Next is our Bunding which is made from heavy-duty UV stable urethane, it is specially designed to withstand the rigors of workshop traffic.  It will easily withstand car, forklift, and heavy truck access.  We have these in 25mm in height and 32mm in height.
    Bunding Bunding 
  • Waste Storage Containers (Overpacks) – Last but by no means least in our line are these storage containers for containment of damaged packaging until it can be removed from your site.  These overpacks have screw-top lids to prevent leakage and contamination.  They come in a 76L containment capacity, ideal for 1L, 5L & 20L containers. We are sure to have a Secondary Containment, IBC and Bunding option that is right for you.  Contact us today.
    Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding Secondary Containment IBC and Bunding

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